While looking out the window pane we still see the unerring winter, which has once again covered the first hopeful spring shoots, every one of us feels little pulsating vibrations that long for springtime romance. Of this we definitively made sure last week, when, together with the team, we looked upon the great works that the young and talented poets sent in. They voiced society’s longing for this season, which is so full of hope and cheer.

“..dawned the moon of hope,
stroked my wet head
and told me to wait…” (Samuels Ozoliņš)

In total we received 35 poems from 7 poets.

Like the pieces of a chess set, the first works of the participants of “Vernorexia” start to arrange themselves in our social network accounts, giving a genuine literary delight not only unto the visitors of this virtual exhibition, but unto us – the organizers – as well.

Borrowing the words of LaVe, this look back too is only “these particular, but, at the same time, not particular sentences of a story, the same as the lines of a poem – a few observations [..]” about an already past prelude to an event. Thus, the decorations upon the stage of the literary part are readied, and will bring joy to our followers unto even the 26th March. The relay stick on our accounts on Instagram and Facebook shall be taken up by the visualization works.

“[..] the lost gravity is looking for a world
to hold
we smile conspiratorially:
no longer can you hold us”
(Gabriela Skrauce)

We extend a heartfelt thanks to the brave artists for having the courage to send in their delightful works for the virtual exhibition “Vernorexia”


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