The exhibition “De.ģenerācija” opened in 2019, November 3rd and with it the idea of a  platform for new and upcoming artists with the same name was born. The aim for the exposition was to encourage the growth of new artists and to provide an opportunity to showcase their works for a wider public as well as to establish a dialogue and a cooperation between the artists and the interested public. The exhibition had 3 locations:• Culture space “Autentika” (Kultūras telpa “Autentika”) (03.11.-08.11.)• Latvian University Social Science faculty (Latvijas Universitātes Sociālo Zinātņu fakultāte) (11.11.-17.11.)• K57 (K57 telpās) (22.11.-26.11).

The artworks were based on subjects such as freedom, equality and human rights. This traveling exposition with multiple themes was available to see for 3 weeks with more than 50 artworks available to view. The selected artworks were made in forms such as painting, photo and video arts, sculptures and even clothes with prints.It wasn’t enough for us to just throw the opening event, that’s why we met up with the artists again in the K57 space (K57 telpās) in a closing event for the exhibition which we spent accompanied by slow jazz music rhythms and lots of exchanged words of gratitude.A big thank you to Livonia “Mežezers” for helping to create the ideal atmosphere for the opening for our exhibition! We also want to thank “Auntentika”, LUSZF and K57 for giving us a temporary loving home. And the biggest thanks to every artist who participated and wasn’t afraid to prove themselves!