From March 15, 2021 until April 25, 2021 “De.ģenerācija” will host its already second virtual exhibition on its instagram profile (@de.generacija).

This year’s theme is Vernorexia.

The exhibition will take place in 3 parts: from 15th of March until 28th of March there will be displayed literary works, from 29th of March until 11th of April there will be visual works and from 12th of April until 25th of April there will be audiovisual works.

Because of that, there will be different application deadlines: literary work – until 12th of March, visual work – until 25th of March and audiovisual work – until 7th of April.

To compete in several categories, the application needs to be submitted repeatedly.

The exhibition will accept works which conceptually correspond to the exhibitions theme and which artistic side and execution is high in quality.

The exhibitions organizers keep the rights to decide if a certain work coincides with the given regulations and is displayed.

While we look outside the glass pane, we still watch the intense winter, which has once again managed to cover the first hopeful, sprouted spring sprouts, each of us feels small pulsating vibrations which take after spring romance. We also made sure of that last week, when together with the team we looked at the great works submitted by young and talented poets, who expressed the public’s longing for this hopeful and playful season.

“..uzausa cerību mēness
noglāstīja manu slapjo galvu
un teica lai gaidu…” (Samuels Ozoliņš)

In total, we received 35 poems from 7 writers.
Like chess fields, the first works of the participants of “Vernorexia” are starting to pop on our social networks, providing genuine literary enjoyment not only to the visitors of the virtual exhibition but also to ourselves – the organizers of the event.

In LaVe’s words, this review is also just “tādi konkrēti un reizē nekonkrēti stāstījuma teikumi, tieši tādi paši kā dzejoļu rindas – pāris novērojumi [..]”  (“such concrete and at the same time non-specific narrative sentences, exactly the same as verses of poems – a few observations …”) about the prelude to the event that has already passed. Thus, the stage decorations of the literary part are ready and will still delight our followers until March 26 on our Instagram and Facebook profiles, until the relay stick is taken over by visualization works.

It seems that the literary window panes we create have become more expressive than all our other daily complicated flights of thoughts, acquiring precise and natural rhythms.

“[..] pazaudētā gravitācija meklē pasauli
ko turēt
mēs sazvērnieciski sasmaidāmies:
tev mūs vairs nenoturēt” (Gabriela Skrauce)

We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the brave artists for daring to send their beautiful works to the virtual exhibition “Vernorexia”

De.generation team

"Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up."